Episode 6: Unconventional Conventionalists

In this episode we talk about CES in a very big way. We cover new advances in TVs, cameras, computers, and THE NEW MAKERBOT! Also, we talk about product specs, why they matter, and why that’s part of the bigger picture of user experience design.

Math is hard.

Show Notes

  • Cool New Stuff
    • OLED big screen TVs
    • Nokia Lumia 900
      • Giant version of the Lumia 800, but with a FFC, and not-quite-as good industrial design
  • Let a million Air ripoffs er… Ultrabooks bloom
    • Now everyone has a solid-state, thin, brushed aluminium laptop
    • Visio on the scene… looks good!, but how will it stand up to the Air?
  • Canon G1X
    • ISO 12,800, ƒ2.8 28-112mm DIGIC 5
    • RAW support
  • RED Epic-X was shown
  • New Makerbot!! — dual ‘high-rez’ extruders, bigger
    • High resolution dual extruders
    • Bigger print envelope
    • Pre-assembled
  • JVC announced a 4k camera for 5k The GY-HMQ10
    • Something RED couldn’t do
  • Android Launched their HIG!
  • The “Tand3m” PC
    • Allows 2 people to run sessions off a single computer.
      • We had those growing up, except we had 50 people running off the same computer, and it was called a VAX