Episode 35: A Newer Hope

We talk about the history of Star Wars, and what’s next for Lucas’ properties, now that they’re owned by Disney. Guests: Josh Diamond, Jason Diamond, Mike J. Nichols, and Michael Scott

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Show Notes

Apologies for the audio quality at the beginning of this episode. There were some problems with the original recording, and we attempted to fix them as best we could.


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Jason Diamond: On Twitter @jasondiamond Web FX Guide

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Empire Building
The Hidden Fortress
Topher Grace’s SuperCut of the Star Wars Prequels
The Star Wars ‘Machete’ Order
The Phantom Edit
TROOPS (Background)
Backyard Blockbusters
Hardware Wars the Special Edition (Background)


Mike J. Nichols: Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story and the Official Website. Also: The New Beverly Cinema in LA
Jason Diamond: Ryan Gosling refuses to eat his cereal
Josh Diamond: SNL Cameo with Stefon on Hulu Can you spot him?
Michael Scott: Sick Little Monkeys The Unauthorised Ren & Stimpy Story
Maggie: Adam The Woo and on YouTube
Christopher: How Michael Crichton’s ‘Westworld’ Pioneered Modern Special Effects